The official website for the Massachusetts SHERA Program.
Subsidized Housing Emergency Rental Assistance


This portal services the Subsidized Housing Emergency Rental Assistance (SHERA) Program. SHERA provides qualified owners of affordable rental housing and Local Housing Authorities with an expedited path to apply for federal Emergency Rental Assistance on behalf of income-eligible tenants.

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Subsidized Housing Emergency Rental Assistance (SHERA)

Steps to Complete the Application

Step 1: Pre-register

If you have not received a Project ID to register your eligible property for the SHERA program, please complete the pre-registration form


Step 2: Create a SHERA user account

You will need to provide the tax identification number associated with your property(ies)


Step 3: Add property(ies)

Use the Project IDs you received by email to add your properties to your account


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News & Announcements

Updated Policies and Forms

SHERA policies and templates have been updated in accordance with the extension of the SHERA Program announced in September. Please note especially that the application template and tenant certification form have been updated. A memo describing the updates can be viewed here(opens in a new tab)(opens in a new tab), and as always, see the Program Information page for complete documents and full details.

SHERA Program Extended

Due to continued need and the positive impact made so far, the SHERA program has been extended! Instead of eligible arrearages being fixed within the 18-month period from April 2020 through September 2021, eligible arrearages for each individual will be any 18 months between the start of the SHERA program in April 2020 and the end of the SHERA program, currently set at June 2022 subject to availability of funding.  

We will be providing additional information and guidance soon. For now, just keep in mind that September 2021 is not the last month of arrearages for which you will be able to apply to SHERA.

Program Information

Please visit the Program Information page to learn more about the SHERA Program and policies.

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